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The Tracker Knife was designed by Tom Brown Jr. to be an all-purpose survival knife.

The genesis of the Tracker Knife began during an interview between Tom Brown and a journalist over twenty years ago. In the course of the interview, the reporter asked Tom which knife he considered to be the best for survival. Tom thought about it for a minute and responded that the perfect survival knife did not yet exist. "Why not?" the interviewer asked. "Because I have not yet designed it," replied Tom. The journalist challenged Tom with the statement, "That is one knife I would love to see." Tom decided he would love to see it too.

Seven years and dozens of prototypes later, the basic design of the Tracker Knife was set. Tom looked for a quality manufacturer and chose Ed Lombi to hand make the first versions. Ed made the knives for several years until he decided to pursue other interests. Tom found another manufacturer in Dave Beck. Several refinements were added as Dave began manufacturing the Tracker. After ten years or so, Dave also retired from making the Tracker. For a couple of years the knife was again unavailable.

In 2001, Tom began working as a technical consultant and writer on a feature film being directed by Billy Friedkin and starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benecio Del Torro. The film is titled "The Hunted" and is based loosely on an episode of Tom's life. The Tracker Knife is carried and used by the antagonist, played by Benecio.

Tom began searching for a company that could make the Tracker in sufficient numbers to meet the demand anticipated as this knife gains in notoriety. Tom chose Mike Fuller and TOPS USA, the leading manufacturer of tactical knives that are favored by US Special Operations forces. TOPS has created a work of art that will serve its function as a true survival tool. As the TOPS slogan says, "One Life, One Knife."


The NEW Tracker Knife is made by TOPS Knives, and is available from them via their website: $299.00 US. www.topsknives.com/products_pages/productdetail/tracker.htm.
Also available from the Tracker School, to students only, for $250 US, with sheath.

Very similar designs are available from Red Scorpion Six and Horan Knives.




Some people who ordered and received their TOPS Tracker knife did not receive the "Operating Instructions" brochure with their knife. Other people who have an older version of the knife may also wish to view this booklet. It is available here online: Click here

The manual is in PDF format, 1.19MB - Adobe Acrobat Reader required. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software click here to download it. (Last updated and corrected Oct 13, 2002)

Sorry, the photos in the manual aren't very good quality. Apparently they were poor in the original manual.

If you don't have a Tracker knife, this manual will give you a very good idea of what it's all about.

If you have one of the older Tracker knives, this manual may give you some insight on how to use and care for it.




The older Tracker knives (pre-TOPS) came with a nice leather sheath. Unfortunately, the new ones made by TOPS do not. A couple of people are making leather sheaths for the knife.


Mike Bartol

Mike Bartol has created high quality leather sheaths for the Tracker Knife.

For more info CLICK HERE.



Hedgehog Leatherworks




Tracker Knife handles - by Kfir Mendel - handcrafted wood handles for the Tracker Knife. For more info CLICK HERE.


This website has no official or informal connection to the Tracker School or Tom Brown Jr. whatsoever


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